Sunday, September 09, 2012

counting blues

blue shirt i love so much
The other day
I was searching the wardrobe
trying to find shirts
not blue in colour.

I can only find three.

All the rest
is within the shade of blue..

and how nice to see you
in pale blue, purple and yellow
sea of blue
as you change your status
no more sorang-sorang.
no more single.
sweet sangat!

But it's alright to declare,
since the hurt has gone completely in you.... (and I already had a glimpse of the lucky guy. :)... )


  1. Takdir akan menentukan halatuju seseorang; status hidup, rezeki, jodoh, maut. That sea of blue, canteekkkk!!

  2. Tq fareesya..... kita urus kehidupan ini hingga pada satu tahap selebihnya tak terjangkau, itu urusan takdir. Oh, you like blue sea too?