Thursday, September 13, 2012

dont get angry, it's the nose

I don't wish to be mean
or tease you in any way
but what can I say
because it is exquisite
a bit  bigger than mine
but definitely sweeter, a lot sweeter
when it moves just a little bit
with your giggles.

It is your nose...
I have seen it thousand  times.
and I have been clicking "like", a thousand times.

___ dienn ___
just to share, today is  the day for the first 1000th post.  Only the later entries are displayed since some of the old ones are considered not appropriate out of respect. Some remain as draft, never to be published. I know she will laugh at my stubbornness......


  1. bagus tu dienn... tulisan semalam mungkin tidak sesuai hari ini. tambah lagi kalau ada kaitan dengan emosi dan hubungan. 1000 tu banyak!!


    1. tq FMJ

      nama je 1000, semua ringkas2 je. untuk rungkai yg tersimpul. yg semalam mungkin tak sesuai untuk hari ini, tapi kekal relevan.

  2. Dienn nie. Hidung pun jadi tajuk?

    1. celcomlia, saya tolak sebarang constraint, apa juga boleh jadi tajuk!!!

  3. Someone who radiates a deep inner beauty. It is a combination of charm, humor, grace, wisdom, caring, and class. Such a person draws others to her or him and is truly beautiful. Nose is a part of the face.

    Someone said that Dienn. Bukan I tauu......

    Riana x-x

    1. Riana......
      very true. i just view and scrutinise, even the nose.