Thursday, August 28, 2014


such a sweet young lady  
glides with grace and always pleasant
her smile will warm hearts
a very likeable character... definite.

I recognise her voice
even if it's a low whisper
or when she said as short as "ahh.."
or the little giggles she let out in happy mood.

If I can only see her hair
If I can only see her nose
If I can only see half the face
If I can only see the wet lips
If I can only see the beautiful neck
I know for sure it's her


that I know so well
beyond the face and smile
and I can feel her heart beating
and I touch the soul and cant let go
even a thousand miles away....
even now....


I remember
her youthful jovial manner
her stories about herself and family
her studies and her worries
her likes and dislikes
her health and migraine
her face with glasses and lenses
her sweet face with tudung
her beauty with hair loose
her exquisite look with hair split into two
her lovely singing talent
her confident oratory skills
her cries and sobs.
and all the little moments that we shared.

I respect situation we are in
I am happy to see her setting in
in a definite route, a happy destiny
so we can pray for  happiness and eternal joy

and we agree
that the journey is hard and long.


  1. Beautifully crafted piece of two pure beautiful souls.

    1. tq....... it's an effort to put memory into permanence.

  2. Replies
    1. her...... hmmmm....... yea, as you said, whoever. hehe....