Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Of the Three

It was Filipina to start with,
a pure business adventure
pushing a certain capital in
and finally taking a certain profit out.

In the end, it evolves into something,
much bigger than we can ever imagine,
It's about helping people to earn a living,
realising their dreams to be better off,
taking them out beyond poverty line.

Then it was Cambodia, Siem Reap.
The eagerness on business adventure
somehow get diluted overhere.
It is becoming a pure community engagement
helping the minority muslims getting the basics.
They had suffered for far too long.
I am in, just to help a little.

Now it is Rohingyas....
the most difficult adventure
which in the end will not allow my presence
longer than necessary
They are in deep trouble
and I cant help much
not in person
not in my physical existence.
My soul is always with them
grieving at the sufferings they have to endure
when men cross the line of sanity.

my dearest,  i seldom cry
but thinking about them, I cant help shedding tears.
when men stop being humans, they evolve into animals.


  1. Help while we can

    1. tq... within our short stay.

  2. Filipina dgn Kemboja mcm selamat, tapi nak tolong Rohingya kene pakai bj kalis peluru.

    1. Bullet proof vest, and we may have to carry machine guns as well...

  3. I have been to Phnom Penh once, such a nice place.

  4. yes, but almost 20 years behind.