Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's my turn to say

Lets stretch far back to early years
when we share moments to the depth of night
giving meaning to the reality of friendship
as an entity without form but substance.

It was the period when waiting is killing
as we began to explore the core and the circumference
undertanding the constraint and yet kept sailing
as I mentioned about the two names.

The peculiarity of twist of fate
putting mkckzpn and me in a soup hotter than fire
pushing myself to the brink of sanity
retreating for  solace in a far away place.

As the the trauma healed over time
there is need for new chapter
and in their hope for a repair
pushing myself into a bout of another despair

It was Lia and then sister's friend.
and they cant find a better chance
not understanding what's in my mind
as I nurse the cut my way, my own way

It was you my dearest
the dearest of friend
that rekindle the flame
that I thought had been dim, never fire.

_______ dienn _______
twisting fate, tearing hearts


  1. Hmmm. I feel like crying reading this.

    1. Life isn' all about physical, in fact very much experiential and emotional. Tears are mere indicators. It's alright to cry.