Wednesday, October 31, 2012

picture of the week: HAVE I CROSS THE BORDER

my dear
had i cross the border
telling more than necessary
and allowing beans to spill

How would I know

my dear
didn't I tell you
about writing as adventure
fingers touching higlighter
to paint picture clearer

my dear
have you forgotten
the title you had given
"seni", the way you understand
and you never elaborate to get me comprehend.

oh, your golden friend got the flair
writing without flaw
while me writing it raw
writing with colour
and highlighter
never an eraser!

___ Dienn ___
i don't write to live.
i write to stay alive.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The untold secret diary

the untold secret diary.
You didn't tell much
about the existence of a book
secret diary.

I think it was about a man
a decent man of unique quality
able to explore and implore

The intro begins with a question
who is this man?
I wonder if you had found the answer.

But my dear
you had sold his soul as charity
to the orphanage of injured souls

But that didn't bother him much
since he is familiar with commodity and charity
as he walks into daily lives

About him being artistic
or seni as you had put aptly
he will never argue or complain

If fate allows him
he will shadow east to west
taking the two poles to his chest

But my dear
he is very far and yet so near
he never say a word of the secret endeavor

He was adamant once
about pleasing them by agreeing N
about loving you by marrying Z

But dear where on earth
could you find a wonderful soul
allowing two fruits in a bowl

Therefore he slackens the rope
for you to feel a little bit free
to fill up gap and achieving goal.

Dear, it is alright
let the souls be free.
don't worry.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Eliza the dancing queen.

Eliza, Kisha, Qisya
I will call her Eliza
at other times I will name her Kisha
and if I get the letters wrong, it may change to Qisya

It's every inch you my dear
to the point she pouts her mouth
and the way she express herself on stage
communicating in flawless steps
letting out mood without constraint.
her spirit is free......

She is you
every little bit

anja, it's you

Friday, October 26, 2012

should i ask, why me.


put it this way
in most simple term
why did you choose me
out of many

as we move further
not to make it tougher
why did you/me allow
for it to last a lot longer

we come to term
and you use the eraser
and I use the highlighter

it was April my dear
witnessed by Elise and Eliza.

but why me
out of  many
that you chose
until you decided
to close.

_____________ Selamat Menyambut eidul adha
maaf zahir batin ____________________________

Thursday, October 25, 2012

On term and condition, fate twisting, hearts tearing.

.what i have said, told and reminded to you before.. i say it everytime...days,weeks and months.. untill i have to shut off everything.. and you know when.. and you know why.. you can't stop me from loving you once i said ''i love you''.. it's cruel... you have made a choice.. i don't want to say it many time.. coz it's hurt.. u hear me nothing happen.. but deep inside me.. you don't wanna know. i'm a good person.. i never hurt people.. i never get a chance to love people.. because i never let myself to be loved..suddenly i did.. for once in my life. i get to know you.. and i said ''i love you''.. are you sure you don't want to see me.. at least for real? you said before.. at least few times.. you refused.. my education.. i know what i want.. i am young woman now.. i can handle myself well now..i know i can do it.. young woman.. can you believe, u the first person who said that to me.. so much ''first time'' with you..and i am going to miss it.. you know what i like about you most..'' hati seni''.. have anyone ever said to you before? let me be the first one to say it to you.. i cry everytime i pray.. when i be alone.. and you can't stop me..again, it's cruel.. this is not like a traffic light.. go whenever the sign or light shows.. stop whenever it turns red.. this is about people hearts and feeling.. yours and mine i am not so sure about you.. you're a man.. man who rule.. and make decision.. you have to know that..everything is in your hand.. i may say it once.. just remember that.. As a young woman.. who have feeling..and crushed on you.. the one that say it out, admitted. she's in love with Kha.. of coz i can never accept.. what will happen soon..sorry to say..but i have to.. picturing you on big day, say someone else's name, declare she's going to be your wife.. and live with her's a final moment, you, say the word that can only say by you.. not your ayah or mak..or sisters and brothers..or other people..they can only ask you to do so.. but they cannot do it for you..only you abang..Kha.. and then you walk to a room, to meet your wife, soulmate, the one that you will live with forever.. and share everything on first time.. you kiss her forehead.. and the ring.. you hold her hand for a ring.. a witness of all.. and.. you will share your life, everything..every single thing.. with her.. and you cannot stop me from picturing that..or imagining something beyond can't..coz it's cruel.. i may say it once.. sorry to say, it's just.. i never hide anything from you.. not even my feeling.. coz this might be the only time i have..the only chance i have.. i'm a young woman now.. her matuarity can handle herself well education is my priority.. whatever happen..Sorry this speech goes to Kha.. i miss you .. see you when i see you..assalamualaikum.

Over the years

we are quite old fashioned, always giving priority to our staff going up the ranks and ladder. I cant remember a single time that we had to get new recruitment for critical position. We treasure loyalty my dear.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

picture of the week: DID YOU REMEMBER? (1)

It's a lovely day for you
helping out a family day of sort
games, shouts, uhh, ahh, ohh.

and  for me
weekend  was funny sort
making or breaking via D and K.
greasing bonds and bones

you said

"abang, boleh tak datang kejap...."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

economics hidden hands

Dearest, I meander a  little bit away from the emotional ride. I am taking you to the brutal truth of economics.  First how would you view the whole economic of the country.  I leave it to you to form an early mould. Yea, your two year exposure on economics should provide some economic fundamentals. I on the other hand dont enjoy such luxury. The nearest to economics is when I was exposed to the mechanics of investment, rate of return, profit loses and cash flow. That was many years ago.

The real exposure was when we had to embark on real business.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who is in joyous mood.?

the coming
of dawn

as it's worth
over a pawn
a blacken dime

and now
it's about
realising dreams
for years to come.

am I getting older?

Saturday, October 20, 2012


is the time
when you can't hold back
even the tears.

Friday, October 19, 2012

the many titles

I am accustomed to different names
acik to the little ones over the south china sea
alang to my own little team
and along to my other side
and ayah to my little one.

and you will soon get the many titles
my dearest.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


We went over to Bintulu for a scheduled appointment. The stake was high, the volume was large, the anticipation was awesome.  It has always been Alb and Gilb to do the negotiation over there, across the south china sea. They pushed it to me, to explore, to hold the pace, to offer alternatives, to persuade and to finally clinch. I wonder if both of them, my dearest friends were smiling or laughing or crying as they held their breaths without a word. 

We were laughing later. Huh, they can be so cruel to push me to the edge of cliff in their own motherland. It was fun, everything was alright .

To explore, set no limit......

whiteness of white


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

mine forever

It is not to sound too possessive
grabbing and chaining without any slackness
my dear, it;s probably about commitment
ever, forever, until death do us apart

Wasn't that displayed well on blue white card
that's words, the permanence of heart and spirit
there is another that will deviate and change over years
within rigidity, within flexibility within the boundary.

It's sweet to jump into the sea with love at at heart
that would help in time of trouble asking for comittment

DOWN THE RIVER: picture of the week

Did you remember
paper boat
the story of a girl
coming down the river

Did you remember
the paper she was holding
a pink letter written in blue

She folded
and turned to a boat
and pushed down the river

___ dienn __

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a man and a bike

There was a man in tattered dress cycling an old bike along the highway. I thought that has the weirdest thing I ever seen. He was alone, cycling in a slow pace. He must have traveled far, and I wonder if he has reached his destination. I wonder if he himself can tell where he is heading to.

I saw him again a week later around the bazaar near Stadium Shah Alam, sitting at the roadside. I gave him RM100, he said nothing. His teary eyes was the only mode of communication that morning.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"seni" abg lain... org lain, lain.

Entah, itu juga yang mahu disebut
seni waktu
anja suka dengan perkataan 'seni'...
seni?...what is it
utk dia..
'seni'..lebih dari halus...
n tak semua org nampak...hanya bila kita perasaan...
n..sorry..tak bleh hurai yg lain..

dia baik....hati halus...
suke menulis....
 bila tgk org..kita guna 'seni'...
 baru bleh kenal dia...

hmmm.... ramai org "seni" macam dia yg anja kenal
 'seni' berbeza utk setiap individu
 'seni' abg lain..lain..
 n..'seni' abg...anja suka...mmm

seni macam mana lak...nak gak tau
 itu yg anja tak bleh cerita..sorry
hmmm.... kekadang kita tak tau diri kita....
 org yang nampak....kite tak sedar
yer...itu la die   'seni'..lebih dari micro...

hmmm.... tak boleh tenguk dengan mikroskop....
tak nampak..macam kabus...
tenguk dengan hati...boleh nampak...
namanya 'mata hati'...hehe
ye la tu....
anja jarang puji abg......

Saturday, October 13, 2012

you did try to keep slimmer


I dont what to say
since you had gone out of the way
to put flesh tighter without sway
as you move here or away

It's the slimmer figure
that grip the gown tighter
and the fitter figure
you did look like an angel.

perfecting lines


If there are a thousand lines
connecting roots and shoots
can we climb up to the periphery
and clear up all soot.

Friday, October 12, 2012

sojourner a mystery.

I am here to stay
a sojourner I may say
I will never leave you alone
in the world we call home

I have only a life
not multifaced
I hold on to the trust
that we dont get erased

It's life as we understand
being fair and yet cruel
taking bits and moments
for a sweet duel

I let out a bit of me
as I dwell on the family
about them and me
as we safeguard sanity

Now that you found happiness
with the man that will take you far
I pray for your brightest future
and you can allow sad memories get blur

I will never let you down
if that worries you
I will safeguard treasures
sweetness, pain and worries
far from anyone, the way I can

If anything I write here hurt you
let me know, let me know
just let me know.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My worry over media brother

The world he is roaming
The hours on his schedule
The places on his whereabouts
The people on his appointments
are aliens to me.

But he is cruising happily
coming home with joyous antics
making it effortless to grab mom
to the brink of childhood days
as he kisses mom's hands.

So he too breaks into new terrain
playing it cool, splashing it out
with media hype as his cup of tea
never a world I am familiar.

His smile is effortless
always deceiving for we never know
what's within the smile and laughter.

Good luck to his engagement.
my dearest media brother.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

THE VOICE , OVER AND EVER: picture of the week

is the facade you know
it's audible audio, not visible video
as I pushed through milik siapakah...
as I gasped over jangan tinggal daku...

we looked, not knowing
It's best that way.


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

All within April Anja.

Monday April 2nd 9pm is the date and time I will remember for a very long time. and there is a photo to commemorate that a week later. I really understand your feelings, and I suppose you really need to wait to the end, when a goodbye has to go along with a new journey. Comes May and June and  by July all dust seems to settle.

Enjoy your time and moments, you deserve most. And the sky is clear now Anja....


Monday, October 08, 2012

Erti sabar untuk seorang kakak

Aku doakan untuk kakak sejuta kesabaran
waktu-waktu dingin mencium pipi firdaus
dalam kusut jiwa membelai rambut naim
waktu melangkah tinggalkan adam
waktu pulang, segera mencari muhammad.

Ada mereka yang dikasihi Tuhan, lebih diuji
mengajak kefahaman nilai cinta dan kasih
walau derita pada mata, namun sayang dalam hati
demi kasih sejati anak dikasihi


Katakan pada kakak
bukan hak kita, nafikan erti semua ini
walaupun sehari, kasih tidak terluak
hanya penuh kasih, teramat sayang
memaut semua sekali dalam pelukan, dalam kalbu
abang, adik, kakak, ayah dan ibu......

semua hanyalah ujian
untuk kita cari dimana hujung kasih dan sayang
demi anak, ikatan kasih abadi.......................

uncle dienn_________

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I dont want it on the wall.

memories like a tunnel
I want to see it like a tunnel
so I can walk through,
 not like an artifact
memories on the wall
hanged on the wall.


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Manja, nama itu.

bukan dulu satu nama untukmu
Tika masa mengheret waktu

kalau kau mahu ulang lagi
nama itu, nama yang itu
tidak mengapa.

cuma aku takut
nama itu mampu menggugat
waktu-waktu senangmu......

Tidak mengapa mAnja,
mungkin aku terlebih bimbang
manalah tahu, aku terjentik pintu terlarang
waktu meneroka kedepan dan menoleh kebelakang.


Friday, October 05, 2012

erti cinta

Apa cinta itu perlu dicari  
Apa cinta itu perlu dikejari
Apa cinta itu perlu dibelai
Apa cinta itu dijumpai

Apa cinta itu perlu ada noktah
Apa cinta itu perlu diuji
Apa cinta itu turut dinodai

Apa cinta itu difahami
Apa cinta itu dilubuk hati
Apa cinta itu perlu deklamasi
Apa cinta itu kekal abadi

apa cinta itu boleh dikongsi
apa cinta itu perlu demonstrasi
apa cinta itu perlu berbukti

apa cinta itu gembira
apa cinta itu derita
apa cinta itu puaka

________ Dienn

Thursday, October 04, 2012

my worry, on responsibility

the bigger responsibility
I was discussing with friends about getting youngsters strongly into rural related business. There is big volume of money to be explored and yet they shy away. When it comes to business, the rule is about capital  investment, profit reaped and local manpower deployment. Nature of business, the activities and the areas are not too important. People had been too simplistic putting rural development aside as being dirty and backward adventure. We look purely into rate of return on investment. So far we refuse to take in any foreign workers,  

Getting youngsters involved into the details will in the long run promise a fantastic future for our country. I hereby humble myself.

Are you reading anja?  

am not an alien

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

a gentle walk: picture of the week

gentle walk
It's never within my expectation
to be invited to such important occasion
because I once had put a constraint
putting a black block which finally cause endless pain

She is better off at one point
for displaying glimpse of what need to be known
and she is smart in placing a definite block
to ease her along the aisle, a gentle walk.

It is not important how I feel
and it is not important too
to expose the searing  pain
because we appreciate the glow of wisdom

we may want to lay down
on a naked lawn, looking at stars
we may want to wake up
on a soft bed, feeling sweet and fresh.

I had sent congratulatory note my own way
the very same way as we walked down two thousand six
at the edge of beautiful bloom
as petal slowly opened, one by one
and opening the nakedness of beauty and truth
as we walked on a journey of joyous ecstasy
of blooming love and endless friendship.

but dear, we do go from now, are you happy?

ground zero

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

if you ever feel uneasy

My own emotional overflow
or emotional outburst
may cause uneasiness
on you

that I wouldn't know

It's not much of pages reopened
or putting varnish on old furniture
or setting fire to an old house

It's in fact my way of re evaluation
of paths taken

and to me my dearest
looking back is as important
as focusing at tunnels ahead

that's the way we have done
to steer business forward
and past happenings
will give some indications
to what to be expected.

and it's the same with my reawakening
with the help of the little one
bundling up respect and responsibility
for a brief glimpse of love

and the way forward
will be tuned up nicely
steering through hurdles

You let me know
if looking back doesn't make you happy.

dienn p_q_r_s

Monday, October 01, 2012

Business, a tactical approach.

Many jump into business without slightest idea where would the adventure lead to. It's not that simple and straight forward.

We were young, energetic and brimming with ideas. We were naive at the beginning, but the fact that we were able to sit down regularly and did exploratory discussions, business began to make sense. It's like taking a piece of string and make a loop around what we envisage as our own business. We scrutinise everything within the loop to avoid the less important issues and distractions.

The whole concept of products, product development, market volume, marketing strategy, price fixing, profit maximisation, roll out plan, quickwin and quickgain, maket participation, short and long term strategy etc lead to what we term as tactical approach. It's not the text book theoretical approach, but more of our own homegrown concept. We didn't study business, but we do business in the way we thought best. It worked with some buoyancy.

A thing worth mentioning here is the importance of mentoring.  There should be someone you should turn to, for guidance at critical shift of business focus and diversification. So far not a single business area we embark on doesn't make headway...... everything seems to be moving and developing. The tactical approach is the whole thing, everything moulded into one single formula. Getting really involved and absorbed make business less difficult. It is all fun.

Are you reading?.... :)

it's not always about a dime!