Tuesday, September 11, 2012

defining Love and Respect.

We live on mutual respect
made possible with the little one
and the remnants of  love i am dying for
that i had to let go through twist of fate

As time goes, responsibility takes its toll
seizing every opportunity at every pole
as life dwells into polarity
enveloped by respect and responsibility

But where is love?
hmmm....... the wholesome.

and there you are wearing a similar ring
for an agreed future sealed with love
and for a loving  mutual respect, ever lasting
and for an eternal future both must hold ........


  1. kawan incik kodok dah bgtau awal awal tak nak pakai cincin ok lepas tunang or kawen.
    takut saham jatuh ler tu. :)

    -acik oren-

    1. acik oen, kita ingat bila pakai cincin, itu tanda saham memang adaa nilai dan telah pun berlaku urusniaga yang real!!.. hehe

  2. Love is wholesome!... i like that.

    1. becareful fareesya, ever thought of it as lonesome?