Monday, September 10, 2012

then, what is it for this mysterious business?

three for ONE
What's primarily a business adventure
utilising resources to harness potential
capitalising on ballooning demands
is in fact a noble communal effort.

As business evolves,
new business lane is created
taking in capital and people
to share all the benefits.

The choice is within us
to view business as brutal capitalism
or a decent social development
or a smart collaborative deployment.

I think you know all these my dearest Anja

Note: How's the weekend wedding, was it fun?  You are now beginning to fill up the gap that has been missing all these while. In every gap, there would be threats and the worst traps. Just be careful as you tag  along...


  1. Heard of black market? that is mysterious too!

  2. yup, black market is mysterious and brutal too. Therefore it fits to stay underground....