Monday, September 10, 2012

a gift, a present, to remember

my blue

your days, your future
There will soon be gifts
It is going to be funny
because it doesn't always come in a box

It comes in a stream
flowing down to become ONE
It has to happen that way
to let in melody and suspense
tuned up with the excitement!!

Note: Didn't I tell you about logging out when you wish to leave internet sessions. Life would be a mess if you, him, she, them all bundled up unrecognisable. It's alright if it done with purposeful intention.


  1. You put it so sweet and I don't know whether to cry or smile.

    1. Hi, thanks. you can do both, cry and smile. haha.

  2. Sdr Dienn, you are comical and funny. You seem to portray life as in musical arrangements filled with notes and melody. I enjoyed reading your posts or rather short prose or poems.

    1. Thanks, word therapy!. It will lessen pain and soften life as indeed very joyous.