Friday, September 14, 2012

picture of the week: HORSE RIDING

think it over dear anja...,

Over years
we learn to know more
about each other.

Over years
we explore in depth of details
riding the horse
the tendencies , liking, and  preferences

With him
you cant  just assume
what we have agreed
can be applicable, replicable.

talk about tendencies
I hope you have not forgotten
what had been explored on emotional scale

You did mention  once
about you wishing to ride high
mounting the strongest horse to the sky
as the cliff gets nearer
gasping at every stride
to the horizon, to the edge of time.

I hope you remember about washing plates
by the kitchen sink
and I come in and help
and there we go....
the little secrets.

and with him
you really have to explore
never assume and take things for granted.

you remember about
the way we swim to the shore
deploying strokes after strokes
washing at the sink
laying upside down on the sand
into the depth of morning
and I support you
and the way you support me
as we lay out the route,
the alignment to the nearest shore
and I never a good swimmer.

and how would you lay out the plan?
and as I say, never assume.

would it be best to take steps
as one after another
gauging the level,  mood, acceptance
and the reciprocity.

Shall you....


  1. simboliknye...

    riana x-x

    1. yup.... yg terbaik boleh dilakukan. Huraian secara spesifik akan mengguris, dan boleh meluka. Terima kasih riana.

  2. yes dienn always a step followed by another.

    1. We might fall without proper steps, like dancing, liza...