Tuesday, September 30, 2014

house and the sea

Chalet : Perak

Chalet: Port Dickson

House, not chalet. - Tonle Sap Cambodia

we had invested quite a lot
in ecotourism by the river and sea
over in Perak, Manjong area.

we make it simple
to blend well with the surroundings
I had been to Port Dickson
and their chalets a bit too stark and bold
I had been to Cambodia
over there houses looked like chalet.
I had been to Philippine
where I formulated the whole idea 

as society gets too modern
people has to relearn
about life and nature
which some never feel before.

and that is the little story
about investing in nature
as we get deeper
into world we call modern.


Monday, September 29, 2014

she said no to maid

It has been years
and ummi never change
she keeps holding the fort
no maid, no maid. no maid.

the life becomes very tight
for her to see it through
racing up in the morning
going up in the evening
the two of us, for the two girls.

I know
she is queen of the house
what she wish to shoulder
no one else should bother....

I am wondering
if, it would not take too long
before, she quits working
and stays at home as queen
and am I, the king?..... :)


Sunday, September 28, 2014

mi segera.

It's one of those days....
that I played host well
with recipe done so cute
and it tasted so great 

mi segera 2 minit.

alang to them_________

Saturday, September 27, 2014

all around us

even ummi pun jebik
when i  mention
about a house in vastness of sawah padi
as my dream house

The house has to be of wood
very modest with minimal accessories
without aircond and fans
just wind to cool heat down.

paddy growing everywhere
a source of life, 

with water all around
a source of life too

with sepat and puyu 
as a source of protein
we couldn't ask for more

and I will look for one.


Friday, September 26, 2014

The breath of our lives......

For the fact that I am not really into cars
I ended up owning a mini cooper
so small, so slight, yet can be so fast
but that accident, really thought me a lesson
at traffic light, it's wise to give extra second
just in case a crazy guy race-up through his red

I understand about their requirements
the process, the standards and all
on quality, i had been well exposed
during my days over land below the wind
teaming up a foreign company

with construction, plantations and health services
tourism, oil and gas as adds on
I wonder if I have the strength to retain some sense
on the ever demanding world of business.

I don't wish to fall as victim
of lavish interpretation of life
when extravagance nudge to a hole
of bottomless depth of craziness

I have seen it all in some friends
 forgetting that life is just temporary
neglecting the fact of needy souls
making companies where they are....

The fact that I continue writing
is to put some balance in the madhouse
as I give mind and soul, a healing
of brutality, and threats avalanche

I wanna stay cool and relax.
as quiet poet.... :)

........................... dienn.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


At times
I hate water
for I can't swim

It's a lake
so large that they call sea

it's Tonle Sap
a place I have been to
and over there I felt in love
with the tourism at its best
blending setting of old and new


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what is best?

mathematics taught us about right answer,
but there could be many ways 
to get to the right answer, all are right.

if the question evolves around what's best,
it is not fair to handle it as mathematics,
because life with it's multiplicity
would not be in congruence  
with simple equation.

if discussion goes around Love
then the yardstick is the Heart
and Feelings that come along.

Some  will be forgotten as time goes
but Love is not like chipsmore
easily melt and soften

It stays , never erased.
but some may question
what's worth of such love
what can it do

a maturing pain

such love cant be measured in gains
unfair to put it in a scale
and determine of it's superlative
good better best......

it's a maturing pain
that's what i think
it will stay
forever, ever....
the love, and that's the best for us.
it hurts, it's painful
it's maturing pain

....................... me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

lienn performing

one of many nights
that we went out
and on that Saturday night
lienn was the reason

it was the night, lienn got up the stage
in her university for kids
one story telling followed by one dancing
we enjoyed every minute of it
and I saw tears at the corner
of ummi eyes...........she was so happy.
and lienn and her friends had fun

rienn wasnt able to see all
because she slept all the way through
in my arms, my steady strong arms

lienn's media uncle came along
with some other uncles and aunties
and with cousins too
the media uncle took video and did some editing
and the next weekend we had fun watching
with everyone else at grandma's place

lienn blushed a little bit...
malu-malu pulak........................

and by popular request
lienn did it all over again....
and grandma's house shook like theatre...


Monday, September 22, 2014

el and q

the two should be very close
as bamboo and riverside......
you may want to spell it different
but i would settle for iss at the back
rather than q followed by isy

so in a way both sounds similar
the elder pronounced bold and strong
the younger sounds very feminine
with softer sound of el at the front

I can see bond building up.
I can guarantee she regards el as her own
little sister staying with auntie......

I know the bond will tie
beyond the time we know...
and about the other two sisters
the blood in them, will bind.

.................................. uncle dienn

Sunday, September 21, 2014

LAKE HOUSE - life is not a book

lake house 

lake house

you didn't come  

i dont understand
something must have happened
I am sorry
I got two years
we can try again

no alex
its too late
it already happened
it didnt worked

dont give up on me kate
what about persuasion
you told me
they wait, they meet again
they have another chance

life is not a book alex
and it can be over in a second
i was having lunch with my mother at dally plaza
and a man was killed right in front of me
he died in my arms
and i thought
it cant just end like that
on valentine's day
and i thought about all the people who love him
waiting at home
will never see him again
and then I thought
what if there is no one
what if you live
your whole life
and no one is waiting
so i drove to the lake house
waiting for any kind of answer
and i found you....

and i let myself get lost
lost in this beautiful fantasy
with time stood still
but its not real alex
i have to learn live a life
that i got

please dont write anymore
dont try to find me
let me let you go

alex and kate

...................................... dienn

Saturday, September 20, 2014

passing through, 3 levels

I have passed that junction so many times
Federal Highway that separates Kelana Jaya and Sunway
Sungai Way is somewhere near

The sight is marvellous
about traffic going through three levels
so high one on top the other
the overhead bridge looks steady
it won't scare timid driver like "her" away

I also passed a particular junction many times
a residential area between saujana putra and usj
where the old hill had been scrapped low and thin
but the name maintains its glorious height
so the name goes "putra height"

And of late I saw similar three levels too
but the overhead bridge is so slender
for train and traffic to pass through
Wonder if it sway on windy day
I am sure the timid driver isn't scared at all


Friday, September 19, 2014

Lake House - favourite lines

there is someone

and it's a kind of a long distance relationship

how do you meet

story of my life

you kidding...

everything in a distance
the man standing right in front of me
that want to marry me
am i pushed away

in the meantime one man i can never meet
him.. how i like to give my whole heart to

He must write one hell of a letter

hmm.. its nice.

kate and a friend


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Il Mare

Il Mare, year 2000
a time transcending love
apart in time, able to communicate
through a letter box

It was the original version   
of Lake House movie that you mentioned

Il Mare is "the sea"
the setting is a seaside house 

the script, the lines

I waited for you a long time
I know two years is a long time
but i still hoped you would come
I guess I expected too much
I know I shouldn't
because it always lead to disappointment
but everyone i care about is so far away
what happened to you those in two years
i hope it was just a slip of memory

Why didn't I show up
I wont forget a promise like that
This is breathtaking

.................. dienn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The sign

The sign is spectacles

it is not the norm in web community
it's my way of saying "oh, I see"

The blog was created for one reason
a dedication to a dear friend i know
an interactive version of call and chat
to sooth mind and soul
to share little things that makes life

I have never retracted that solemn promise
to share and communicate, the way I see
a platform created years ago, a diary of sort
It's alright, come and see, a post a day

The letter box will stay as I breath my own soul
a concern for a dear friend, years I have known
Never mind the different routes we take
Where ever , journey will always be full of rocks and stones

I have never considered visiting and commenting
as disturbing privacy, 
For it had remained public, going without stopping
as statement of soul

Defining my life, as being complete
my dear, it could be premature
for journey is very long and far
not just family and business
my utmost concern by far is them
the needy souls, our company depending on
which explains the concept of expecting and accepting
and now I will add another, needing.
appreciating all, that had been contributing.
and as I get older, dosa pahala really get into picture

It's never easy to hold the pillar
as economy boils in ongoing turmoil
we only have people, creative and responsive
to the ever changing landscape of business.
It is hard to maintain success
but we strive and pray to god.

I too will pray for you and your family
to be strong, happy and successful
to hold and hug eliss, the sweetie
to accept all, your dearest hubby
and don't forget see things in all shades
as we see the colours of beautiful rainbow

do come, do visit
meeting a friend
over thoughts
life and soul.
as much as I
been dropping in
to see how's mummy doing.

........................... dienn.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ummi ngajar ngaji

Aku sendiri lupa

sejak bila lienn belajar
sebut alif ba ta dan mengeja
tapi hari ini, Lienn dah baca juz pertama.

Ngaji, acara wajib  anak-anak dan ummi 
tiap-tiap lepas maghrib,  hari hari....
sebelum Lienn mula duduk belum berdiri
dan reti sebut dan baca macam anak kecil..

Tapi kini,
Lienn dah lancar,
dia sendiri call opah
bagitau "lienn dah baca Quran.."

rienn pula dah selesa sebut alif ba ta.....
 pelat cara dia, macam eliss juga...

aku jangka lienn akan khatam
dalam tempuh tidak lama, sekejap.
kerana dia bukan baca merangkak
dia baca dengan selesa, kenal huruf , baris dan rangkap.


Monday, September 15, 2014

ummi the mother

describing ummi as thin and tall
is a little bit simplistic
and saying ummi, not active in sport
definitely put ummi as being fragile.

she has kelantan roots
with arabic blood along the line
but she never mastered the accent
for being  born in KL.
where she grew up thereafter.......
and in fact I can speak kelantanese better.

she is KN as you know
she is ummi as the two hug for comfort
she is a lady, very soft spoken
she is delicate, cepat terasa.

Over the years we been together
We learn to understand each other
There were times she had to endure my presence
There were times I had to appreciate her presence.

Getting into wedlock, so arranged
Life was extremely cautious
for everyone's sake so to speak
until Lienn came into picture......

the day KN became a mother.....
and slowly the constraints fade away...
but my mind still get itself locked
with dreams of yesterday
on what could have been....

I look at them, the three
they are depending on me
expecting husband and daddy
as what should forever be

next: ummi ngajar ngaji

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I call, I sleep

It must be memorable to you    
i call, i sleep

but I cant remember a thing
because soon after I called
I fell into the depth of sleep
and you heard the hissing sound

of a cobra swelling
of an eagle soaring high
of beautiful fish swimming slow
of a man sleeping...................

But I remember why the urge to call,
I woke up early that morning
then there was that urge to call
to hear just your sweet voice
and you waited for 15 minutes.
and the man still sleeping.


next: ummi, the mother

Saturday, September 13, 2014

she did it once

lienn is big enough
to grasp on norms and expectations

she had something to say
while i was engaged in discussion with a friend

"Lienn, can you wait a while"

i saw slight change in her mood
ummi was quick to notice
and quickly took lienn to one side
and settled her concern

and after that
lienn has some understanding
about norms and expectations.
about courtesy in conversation

...................... dienn
next: I call, I sleep

Friday, September 12, 2014

of the two

i wonder
how much they learn
from one another

of rules and regulations
of necessity for good behaviour
of having fun in life
of dream and make belief world
of staying as a family

i have seen lienn
playing the role of big sister
taking care of little sister
in more ways than we thought possible

i have seen in them
the level of tolerance
as they play and have fun

but lienn waste no time
in correcting her little sister
as any kak long would normally do
even suap adik makan..........
even marah kalau sepah2.....

I thought lienn is a little bit cerewet....

................................ dienn
tomorrow: she did it once

Thursday, September 11, 2014

how they differ

of course
lienn rienn
no one is the same
that goes to lienn and rienn

they differ slightly in look
one more of ayah and the other of ummi
but their mannerism is quite similar

however their basic character
is very unique
one is very meticulous
deep into details
she can draw like real
she can easily relate to different age groups
and leading role is her forte

and the other is still young
but has  wide spectrum of mood.
kuat meragam
she has elements of likeable mannerism.
and quite a fast leaner.....

I love both of them.

tomorrow: of the two

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a large bird

I love the scene around the other home
with space so big, with trees so tall
and a little stream passing through
with water so cold and clear,
I can see little fish swimming through
and always dragonflies will dart on repeated moves

I have seen that large bird many times
Lienn and rienn loves the sight
very beaky, very loud.
burung kenyalang.. hornbill

and over there
i will be the only cook
during occasional weekend retreats
the other three can rest and enjoy...
wrapped in sights and sounds.
sweet and angelic.

tomorrow: how they differ

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Nasi Arab Cyberjaya.

there is one little restaurant in Cyberjaya
not Saba,  most famous there
but Hummurabi, being a bit smaller
ummi loves the privacy of the place
of eating without too many around.
and of course to avoid crowd,
we pick middle of the month.

Lienn loves to say this
"Ayah, can you finish it?"
I just smile
"I will order one more.."

Lienn loves to help ummi
hand in hand finishing up a plate
of their favorite dish  mandi,  and mine haneeth
while Rienn just play along cubit sikit-sikit

tomorrow : a large bird

Monday, September 08, 2014

yea yea she should remember

It was Kelantan
occasion set long time
but i remember well
because you told me
with photos to match

you were holding in your hands
of gift from man to lady
your sweet white and green
with a long green shawl

you know something
the day was so hot
you perspire so much
its sweet to watch

it's the medical musician brother.
a day he close one door and open another
a day that send him to different role
a year before he became a father

.............. dienn.

Sunday, September 07, 2014


"mengutuk le tu"

i dont really count
the number of coversations
that swing around that word
tembam.., tembam... tembam.

if we wish to be clinical about it,
there is a necessity to define
what lies behind the jovial word
not exactly fat not exactly gemuk

It's a sweet description
of a sweet fluffy face
with cheeks rather full
and that is "her"


Saturday, September 06, 2014


a change
will take us
far into the future

shall we
brace ourselves up
to stay safe and secure

and if we
travel far east and west
then we discover GST is the game of today

I am not a fan
I am just a follower
aware of its consequences.....

it's a major change
in the economic landscape
a necessity.


Friday, September 05, 2014

making the blog __ p r i v a t e __

I googled to find how
to make a blog private
the info I read shows
that blog can be made really secret

The blogger needs to screen
and choose particular reader
if it's between dienn and lienn
Dienn needs lienn's email address

I suppose there could be a stumbling block
as Lienn has no email or facebook
just in case Lienn already had one
she would have it written down
the email address somewhere..

It cant be ordinary email
i guess it must relate to blogger
the email lienn would sign in as user.....

I know if lienn wish to share
she would just let me know
and if her email is real secret
she can just put somewhere
for a day or two then delete

I know lienn is good at erasing
I am good at highlighting
But I will not hurt lienn in anyway
for lienn needs a space to grow....


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Snap pics

I love taking photographs        
birth of a smile
mostly potraits and close-ups
the girls and ummi are my constant subjects
i really love the differing mood
as they sit walk and  talk.

It lies at the eyes and the mouth
the most central at changing mood
the lips will twist, move with extreme of feelings
but that little smile will strike me most
as ummi about to share her fun
her jokes, her little cheeky remarks.

ummi had nose and lips
stay apart as they move
as she talk smile and pout

and I can remember your smiles too
lips, nose, eyes, and all......


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

the better cook....

lienn always say that
i can cook better
i can cook better?
she understands about teasing
and waits just enough to see ummi
how's she reacting....

On cooking, ummi  plays along
to lienn's little joke
she just smile and say
memang la ayah pandai masak

I just smile.........
and say esuk nak makan apa?

....................... dienn

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mind and Soul

I don't really know where it comes from,
as I click keyboards and pour out thoughts,
There were days when I captured colours,
as in beautiful paintings but translated in pure writings,

I never test and gauge my proses and poems
on a scale known by most literary circles
because my writings are all short and sketchy
but as far as I am concerned, I put all down

Most of my writings are instantaneous
whatever first appear within a click of time
I will focus on central issue, and start writing
as I continue, I ensure it stays in tune.

At times, I read the older posts of my own blog,
to understand what's going through my mind,
and as much as I value others judging me,
I do learn on personal pursuit to understand myself.

Sometimes I am laughing at my own writing skills
as I read the mind of a man locked in a child
through the journey of life, within the periphery of sanity
also as I am trying to hold and brace myself, 

There are writings in here, that I thought are superb
at least on my own understanding of scale and appropriateness
and as I read, I can sense the changes in me
of  cyclic nature of happiness and sadness.

Whatever I wrote here
came from mind and soul
some are funny, some are serious
as I continuously add pages to my own diary
a very personal one.
mostly delicate......
iterating the essence of both
mine and hers.
separate and combined.


Monday, September 01, 2014

sleep september

sleep to rest

first of september
within the whiteness of bed sheet
feeling pure

the blessing of life
a happy family
a fruitful life