Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mind and Soul

I don't really know where it comes from,
as I click keyboards and pour out thoughts,
There were days when I captured colours,
as in beautiful paintings but translated in pure writings,

I never test and gauge my proses and poems
on a scale known by most literary circles
because my writings are all short and sketchy
but as far as I am concerned, I put all down

Most of my writings are instantaneous
whatever first appear within a click of time
I will focus on central issue, and start writing
as I continue, I ensure it stays in tune.

At times, I read the older posts of my own blog,
to understand what's going through my mind,
and as much as I value others judging me,
I do learn on personal pursuit to understand myself.

Sometimes I am laughing at my own writing skills
as I read the mind of a man locked in a child
through the journey of life, within the periphery of sanity
also as I am trying to hold and brace myself, 

There are writings in here, that I thought are superb
at least on my own understanding of scale and appropriateness
and as I read, I can sense the changes in me
of  cyclic nature of happiness and sadness.

Whatever I wrote here
came from mind and soul
some are funny, some are serious
as I continuously add pages to my own diary
a very personal one.
mostly delicate......
iterating the essence of both
mine and hers.
separate and combined.


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