Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The sign

The sign is spectacles

it is not the norm in web community
it's my way of saying "oh, I see"

The blog was created for one reason
a dedication to a dear friend i know
an interactive version of call and chat
to sooth mind and soul
to share little things that makes life

I have never retracted that solemn promise
to share and communicate, the way I see
a platform created years ago, a diary of sort
It's alright, come and see, a post a day

The letter box will stay as I breath my own soul
a concern for a dear friend, years I have known
Never mind the different routes we take
Where ever , journey will always be full of rocks and stones

I have never considered visiting and commenting
as disturbing privacy, 
For it had remained public, going without stopping
as statement of soul

Defining my life, as being complete
my dear, it could be premature
for journey is very long and far
not just family and business
my utmost concern by far is them
the needy souls, our company depending on
which explains the concept of expecting and accepting
and now I will add another, needing.
appreciating all, that had been contributing.
and as I get older, dosa pahala really get into picture

It's never easy to hold the pillar
as economy boils in ongoing turmoil
we only have people, creative and responsive
to the ever changing landscape of business.
It is hard to maintain success
but we strive and pray to god.

I too will pray for you and your family
to be strong, happy and successful
to hold and hug eliss, the sweetie
to accept all, your dearest hubby
and don't forget see things in all shades
as we see the colours of beautiful rainbow

do come, do visit
meeting a friend
over thoughts
life and soul.
as much as I
been dropping in
to see how's mummy doing.

........................... dienn.

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