Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what is best?

mathematics taught us about right answer,
but there could be many ways 
to get to the right answer, all are right.

if the question evolves around what's best,
it is not fair to handle it as mathematics,
because life with it's multiplicity
would not be in congruence  
with simple equation.

if discussion goes around Love
then the yardstick is the Heart
and Feelings that come along.

Some  will be forgotten as time goes
but Love is not like chipsmore
easily melt and soften

It stays , never erased.
but some may question
what's worth of such love
what can it do

a maturing pain

such love cant be measured in gains
unfair to put it in a scale
and determine of it's superlative
good better best......

it's a maturing pain
that's what i think
it will stay
forever, ever....
the love, and that's the best for us.
it hurts, it's painful
it's maturing pain

....................... me.

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