Sunday, September 21, 2014

LAKE HOUSE - life is not a book

lake house 

lake house

you didn't come  

i dont understand
something must have happened
I am sorry
I got two years
we can try again

no alex
its too late
it already happened
it didnt worked

dont give up on me kate
what about persuasion
you told me
they wait, they meet again
they have another chance

life is not a book alex
and it can be over in a second
i was having lunch with my mother at dally plaza
and a man was killed right in front of me
he died in my arms
and i thought
it cant just end like that
on valentine's day
and i thought about all the people who love him
waiting at home
will never see him again
and then I thought
what if there is no one
what if you live
your whole life
and no one is waiting
so i drove to the lake house
waiting for any kind of answer
and i found you....

and i let myself get lost
lost in this beautiful fantasy
with time stood still
but its not real alex
i have to learn live a life
that i got

please dont write anymore
dont try to find me
let me let you go

alex and kate

...................................... dienn


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    1. yeap... i watch and write.