Friday, September 05, 2014

making the blog __ p r i v a t e __

I googled to find how
to make a blog private
the info I read shows
that blog can be made really secret

The blogger needs to screen
and choose particular reader
if it's between dienn and lienn
Dienn needs lienn's email address

I suppose there could be a stumbling block
as Lienn has no email or facebook
just in case Lienn already had one
she would have it written down
the email address somewhere..

It cant be ordinary email
i guess it must relate to blogger
the email lienn would sign in as user.....

I know if lienn wish to share
she would just let me know
and if her email is real secret
she can just put somewhere
for a day or two then delete

I know lienn is good at erasing
I am good at highlighting
But I will not hurt lienn in anyway
for lienn needs a space to grow....


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