Monday, September 08, 2014

yea yea she should remember

It was Kelantan
occasion set long time
but i remember well
because you told me
with photos to match

you were holding in your hands
of gift from man to lady
your sweet white and green
with a long green shawl

you know something
the day was so hot
you perspire so much
its sweet to watch

it's the medical musician brother.
a day he close one door and open another
a day that send him to different role
a year before he became a father

.............. dienn.


  1. Wonder how is Kelantan now... P/s: seen the pic. Her?

    1. It's her alright, fairly tembam then, and now pun masih tembam. We go to Kelantan 2 to 3 times a year..... somehow ummi has roots there. I like Kelantan because of it's idyllic nature.....

      You like Kelantan?