Friday, September 26, 2014

The breath of our lives......

For the fact that I am not really into cars
I ended up owning a mini cooper
so small, so slight, yet can be so fast
but that accident, really thought me a lesson
at traffic light, it's wise to give extra second
just in case a crazy guy race-up through his red

I understand about their requirements
the process, the standards and all
on quality, i had been well exposed
during my days over land below the wind
teaming up a foreign company

with construction, plantations and health services
tourism, oil and gas as adds on
I wonder if I have the strength to retain some sense
on the ever demanding world of business.

I don't wish to fall as victim
of lavish interpretation of life
when extravagance nudge to a hole
of bottomless depth of craziness

I have seen it all in some friends
 forgetting that life is just temporary
neglecting the fact of needy souls
making companies where they are....

The fact that I continue writing
is to put some balance in the madhouse
as I give mind and soul, a healing
of brutality, and threats avalanche

I wanna stay cool and relax.
as quiet poet.... :)

........................... dienn.


  1. Mini cooper, small and mahal!
    Dienn yang berhati seni... :)

    1. Mini cooper latih orang jadi rendah diri....... :)

  2. Replies
    1. of course.... i can always hear them thinking "oh look, the car so tiny.. like a toy"... hehe.

    2. Or... 'small car yet so expensive'... Wohoo... :P

    3. and some would say.. " duduk bersempit2...."

  3. Hehe... Asal naik kereta mahal ok je...

    1. kereta tu sesuai sampai peringkat umur tertentu je .... come a time, the little princesses will drive it.... another 15 years from now, I am old, ancient.. :)

  4. hehe.... i will not give the spectacles sign. nanti ada orang akan beri huraian panjang.... :)

  5. Oh okay... Urmm... Sorry.

    1. it's alright.... we learn along the way, what hit hurt and harp.... maturing... ehemm....

  6. The maturing... Pain... Hmmm

    1. then followed by healing process....