Friday, August 10, 2012


just wondering as i blink
through the coolest part of night,
if they really think 
that I will do the unthinkable
to expose what is meant to be secret.

For a memory, half-done or sketchy
it never cross my mind to erase it
or to spoil it
or to pour black paint.
or to put a gloomy disgrace

I appreciate both extremes
sojourn and serene.
as components of portrait

and as much as I treasure the sweet moments of many years
never will I spoil it with intentional black paint overflow
never will I expose what has been our safe-guarded secrets.

Believe me
and please go on with your future
without slightest doubt that I will dirty my hands
worry not, on me being so bad to tarnish
whatever has been royale, perfect and serene.

may god bless us all.