Monday, August 27, 2012

for you.

I don't expect you
to keep coming
and visiting this blog
now that you are ready
to chart a new chapter
of your life.

To keep coming back
to view the little tips,
certain perspective,
probably different
from anyone you know,
that can't be bad.

To understand boundary
within which we enjoy freedom
always contained
will refrain us from going astray

To see things
and appreciate
the ripples that
may develop into
a massive tsunami
is a sane thing to do

To keep giving
not expecting returns
is a funny perspective
to have a touch.

to change route
a different route
taking us somewhere
is an alternative
worth trying.

and finally maintaining
a balanced figure
so that the white gown
will stay sweet and upright
is something you should do

always remember
about the sweet princess
in you.

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