Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a perfect day

always about the lovely eyes
looking around
learning about new  things
and the little soft lips
uttering little words.

she will always be the centre of things
around us
bringing us closer
which I can never do on my own

I started the second phase of life
with nonchalant mood
not allowing myself to be free
always attaching myself with the other world

It's the other world
that will in the end bring tremendous unhappiness
at a critical phase when the chain is freed
and yet freedom is not coming

I am guilty to a point
for allowing myself the luxury
of putting both worlds at a level
of equal importance and validity.

But for life is multiple
junctions radiate into four or five
with one leg on one side
the other on different side
it is never easy to keep going.

How i wish to hold on to both worlds
of equal importance
how i talk to the little eyes
and the little fingers keep holding
on to my bigger fingers
on a perfect day.

You will have your perfect day too
my dearest.

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