Thursday, August 30, 2012

accident i never told you.

It was a fine morning
quite sometimes ago
before the little one appeared.

It was Saturday
a normal day for  golfing.
There was a junction in Bangi
that I had to take a right turn.

It was green my way
but a car accelerated through his red
and we met in the middle.

Til today
I had a little iron piece
at lower left thigh.
I was off for a month.
Now, it still hurts a little.


  1. It was an accident, but you told beautifully in words :-O

  2. Thanks Annisa mulia, for the lovely comment. It is just a way to treat occasional pain through the beauty of words. Word Therapy!!

    1. Yes, I do the "word therapy" quite often too ^^
      It's somehow healing..

    2. Quite a healer! natural and free.