Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Journey of a tough life

It was years back
that i have to walk alone
collecting every bit of sense
trying hard to stay composed and sane

It was in the circle of friends
that we embarked on momentous journey
understanding every detail of market forces

and we were a bunch of  innocent young men then

it must be a wonder even then
how we manage to play along
a journey of seeing community in its imperfections
and to a point we thought making money is never free of sins

But its heart breaking to learn
that many benefit from the endeavor we took
creating opportunities for us and all
and it was made so clear that zero sum game applies
when the amount we create equals to the amount we gave
for business to behave like a poetic dream.

It all boils down to
what we want
what we strive for
what we create
what we get
what we share

in the end
all goes back to the larger community.