Friday, August 17, 2012

Now that you are ready

Sadness in me had gone completely
as I keep checking the smile in you
with every detail of happiness you are radiating
and I know you are alright

Realising the burden you keep hanging on
and me less than perfect not to hurt
and for equally exposed terribly to difficult times
of emotional pain and visible scars.

You have taken months
I have taken years
to emphasise that time is endless
and how would we react
as you  would surely recognise my words
and laughters
as I call you
within the large crowd
when we thought we had completely forgotten
of things that had happened.

How I wish to say it a million times
that happiness is truest
when happiness heaps on happiness
building up a mountain
so momentous
so victorious.

and now I am happy for you, dearest.