Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sharing a little bit of me.

How come?....
I ask myself
as we make our first million
through collective efforts among comrades

Albert was forever nice
even then, to bring us all down
to the earthly earth
about being righteous and sane.

I was less than perfect then
for limping against many years
of treating emotional pain and scars
myself, my way.

To think about it objectively
I assume full responsibility
that i could easily had gone the other way
being less earthly than i should
and flow along the tides or down the drain.

It falls onto that little signal
that we are made to survive against all odds
as we keep believing in God.

Even being harden by events
I never wish to see such repeats
for I never can confirm 
that I am able to handle myself
within the facade of ownself.
against avalanche of time
hitting again and again.

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