Monday, August 13, 2012

Past and Future

Please take care of yourself and have a good life ahead with your family . I wish you the best in life.xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx .May God bless you always. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. Only they never know who you are.xxxx xxxx xxxx. Life must go on. Thank you for the help, advices, the time and the friendship. Goodbye. Assalamualaikum.

Don't feel alarmed by the excerpts above. Some parts are erased.  It's just the way things evolved through the years. We may keep wondering and pondering for exactness of answer.  The answer is not in a sentence my dear, not even in a paragraph. It is within the richness of life, in each one of us. It will provide milestones within the long journey each one of us has to take. There will always be fairness somewhere my dear, only that it seldom appear in real magic number. Life will oscillate with all urgency, not for exactness, never for precision, always with manageable momentum.

I appreciate the necessity for a true full stop on your side, to end a sentence. But given time, the sentence will continue longer that what you can imagine. I am happy for you now that you are able to pick the pen and continue writing a much longer paragraph. Judging by your shining smile, you have picked up the momentum to chart your future. 

I am still the same person, now with much bigger responsibility with the little sweet eyes and her mother and the ever demanding job. One thing I keep on doing is to keep helping the needy ones. I didn't realise that tears flow down my cheek during the recent  community enhancement engagement we embarked on with the Rohingya.  I cant never imagine the magnitude of helplessness there.

I felt so guilty early on about injustice and imbalance of wealth. Now it slowly dawns on me that the whole game is centered on the lucky ones helping the less lucky ones. Then there would be some equilibrium on earth.

You remember the little chalet development over Manjung?.... yeap, it's a real retreat whenever I get there bringing me back to the reality of ruralness. I can smell the earth and salty breezy air.  I even teach the little one about the name of flowers and trees. The oil palm over in Teluk Intan  is self funding now with a bit of profit saved aside. The tourism adventure with Filipino friends are taking a different turn now, with more local people roped in to run the ever increasing development.  I will be back there next month. The oil and gas venture is taking all of us on a different route, more political than business......  Dad's construction business is picking up well. I am quite relieved when the younger sister is ready to come in and help out lots of things. I cant do so many things, and at times the volume and phase is really killing. The little eyes's mother is always in the office managing the whole financial matter, whereas I am always on the move.....  the chain of "kedai ubat" is more or less left to the younger team.........

My dear, I am happy for you. As I told you many times before, your pleasant presence will be felt by many around you. Cheers!!!.

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