Tuesday, October 02, 2012

if you ever feel uneasy

My own emotional overflow
or emotional outburst
may cause uneasiness
on you

that I wouldn't know

It's not much of pages reopened
or putting varnish on old furniture
or setting fire to an old house

It's in fact my way of re evaluation
of paths taken

and to me my dearest
looking back is as important
as focusing at tunnels ahead

that's the way we have done
to steer business forward
and past happenings
will give some indications
to what to be expected.

and it's the same with my reawakening
with the help of the little one
bundling up respect and responsibility
for a brief glimpse of love

and the way forward
will be tuned up nicely
steering through hurdles

You let me know
if looking back doesn't make you happy.

dienn p_q_r_s

1 comment:

  1. Hidup mmg macam tu. Pedih takat mana pun dia tetap sebahagian dari hidup kita.