Wednesday, October 03, 2012

a gentle walk: picture of the week

gentle walk
It's never within my expectation
to be invited to such important occasion
because I once had put a constraint
putting a black block which finally cause endless pain

She is better off at one point
for displaying glimpse of what need to be known
and she is smart in placing a definite block
to ease her along the aisle, a gentle walk.

It is not important how I feel
and it is not important too
to expose the searing  pain
because we appreciate the glow of wisdom

we may want to lay down
on a naked lawn, looking at stars
we may want to wake up
on a soft bed, feeling sweet and fresh.

I had sent congratulatory note my own way
the very same way as we walked down two thousand six
at the edge of beautiful bloom
as petal slowly opened, one by one
and opening the nakedness of beauty and truth
as we walked on a journey of joyous ecstasy
of blooming love and endless friendship.

but dear, we do go from now, are you happy?

ground zero

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