Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The untold secret diary

the untold secret diary.
You didn't tell much
about the existence of a book
secret diary.

I think it was about a man
a decent man of unique quality
able to explore and implore

The intro begins with a question
who is this man?
I wonder if you had found the answer.

But my dear
you had sold his soul as charity
to the orphanage of injured souls

But that didn't bother him much
since he is familiar with commodity and charity
as he walks into daily lives

About him being artistic
or seni as you had put aptly
he will never argue or complain

If fate allows him
he will shadow east to west
taking the two poles to his chest

But my dear
he is very far and yet so near
he never say a word of the secret endeavor

He was adamant once
about pleasing them by agreeing N
about loving you by marrying Z

But dear where on earth
could you find a wonderful soul
allowing two fruits in a bowl

Therefore he slackens the rope
for you to feel a little bit free
to fill up gap and achieving goal.

Dear, it is alright
let the souls be free.
don't worry.


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  1. Diary tidak akan siap, tanpa titik noktah.