Friday, October 12, 2012

sojourner a mystery.

I am here to stay
a sojourner I may say
I will never leave you alone
in the world we call home

I have only a life
not multifaced
I hold on to the trust
that we dont get erased

It's life as we understand
being fair and yet cruel
taking bits and moments
for a sweet duel

I let out a bit of me
as I dwell on the family
about them and me
as we safeguard sanity

Now that you found happiness
with the man that will take you far
I pray for your brightest future
and you can allow sad memories get blur

I will never let you down
if that worries you
I will safeguard treasures
sweetness, pain and worries
far from anyone, the way I can

If anything I write here hurt you
let me know, let me know
just let me know.

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