Monday, October 01, 2012

Business, a tactical approach.

Many jump into business without slightest idea where would the adventure lead to. It's not that simple and straight forward.

We were young, energetic and brimming with ideas. We were naive at the beginning, but the fact that we were able to sit down regularly and did exploratory discussions, business began to make sense. It's like taking a piece of string and make a loop around what we envisage as our own business. We scrutinise everything within the loop to avoid the less important issues and distractions.

The whole concept of products, product development, market volume, marketing strategy, price fixing, profit maximisation, roll out plan, quickwin and quickgain, maket participation, short and long term strategy etc lead to what we term as tactical approach. It's not the text book theoretical approach, but more of our own homegrown concept. We didn't study business, but we do business in the way we thought best. It worked with some buoyancy.

A thing worth mentioning here is the importance of mentoring.  There should be someone you should turn to, for guidance at critical shift of business focus and diversification. So far not a single business area we embark on doesn't make headway...... everything seems to be moving and developing. The tactical approach is the whole thing, everything moulded into one single formula. Getting really involved and absorbed make business less difficult. It is all fun.

Are you reading?.... :)

it's not always about a dime!


  1. Very conclusive view on business.

    1. Tq fareesya. You really have to go down the lane to form your own authentic view. :)

  2. Smart and persistent. Itu ciri yg kakak saya ada, dia memang berjaya dgn online business.

    1. Tq Dermisya kerana menambah dua lagi elemen penting mendokong bisnes.