Saturday, July 05, 2014

the large butterflies

these few days, as if celebrating
rather large butterflies, came visiting
their wings, very much black and white
their appearance on fasting month, almost perfect
and surprisingly, they came at night.
exciting and fun, to lienn and rienn.

i googled, looking for any match
and yes, i found the name.......
a lovely name, combining both
lienn and eliss in a cute way.

It must be the changing weather,
that these butterflies had to come out
with the rather large wings, they flutter
but rather sad, they emerge just to pass out.

Then i recalled the recent happenings
as Kuala Kangsar mourned the departure of a King
and thousands butterflies came around too
some with gold wings.....

---------------------- dienn


  1. They are everywhere even at the tallest building... Im wondering, how it managed to fly that high?

    1. in deep forest, the tallest tree would be as high as petronas twin tower. So they should be familiar with such height.

      (butterflies are cute, tak macam lipas..... :) )

  2. Lipas, not even close to acceptable... Renungan lipas tu, tak macam butterflies...

    1. Lipas yg berjalan kire ok, kita boleh lompat ngelak2..... kalu dia terbang, NGERI..!!!!