Sunday, July 06, 2014

the lines of beauty.

remember the black dress
once worn in black night
to create distinctiveness
of form and flesh

however long ago
on rewind,  it is still fresh
as if a minute ago
on readiness for a tango

i remember the lines
of straights and curves
as much as i wish to see
as far as she allowed it be

as the curvy line turns
just a little bit more
i will not let it burns
for a sight i adore

as i rewind memories
over depth of nights
blinking a little, testing reality
so it wont shake off, the beauty

of distinctiveness, of form and flesh
of needing hearts
a swim of ecstasy
over love, a never ending feel.

....................... dienn


  1. Sensual ectasy in poetic form, so sweet and casual. Like it.

    1. tq... putting it into perspective.