Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the love in him.

he remember things so clear
the day you said hello
and for god knows it went deeper
over days and weeks.

what's the chemistry that bind
two hearts staying apart
over seas and mountains so high
and feeling that came along....

how the hearts felt for one another
and shared dreams and reality
and they never hide their true feeling

they shared quiet moments together
into the depth of nights
until dew drops fell on them
through laughters and joy...

and every time he remembered,
he felt the twitch
going into his heart
and he kept saying
the fire never died
the flame keep burning
brightening his true-self

and he had to agree
that the binding love never die
as he keep soothing himself
of the special love
a never dying love.

He remembered the beautiful face
the youthful perfect love
that for countless times
broke to lovely smile
such  beautiful lips
and sensual flowing hair.
and the eyes.....

he still remember the songs
slow and casual into the morning
and she was ever kind
for never once develop into anger

he remember
he remember
for ever....

...................... dienn,

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