Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ransom on lives

to hold
on something precious,
- a secret,
bringing lives into chaos
as humanity
sinks to the bottom of sanity.

a delicate sabotage of recent 370 flight,
viewed as package of strategies,
to tilt equilibrium,
on economic and security scales,
on egoistic venture too,
over blue water or red land......

and can the distinction appear clear
of economy, politics, and personal pursuit
to wipe all clean for survival.
I wouldn't know....

But my dear
I read what you wrote
over what you had been through.
Now that we are following certain Routes
in a way identical, and yet different.

It would be easy to let in
elements of remorse and vengeance
in routes we are taking.
But for safety of many
shall we let past be past
however bitter it could be.

For not letting myself be known after so many years,
beyond what you already knew
and what I had shared
however little, my dearest friend
- feelings, minds, and thoughts.
I seek apology, sorry...., if that is forever necessary

There were crossroads I had come across
and routes I had taken
that were not all sweet and rosy.
Believe me, we are in similar route now,
to be thankful with journey we are in
and the future that lies ahead.
from One and Only we should seek blessings.

to keep revisiting the past
may cause needless pain and sadness
but there are lessons all over
if we choose to do so........
and what I wrote and will write
which connects past, present and future
are not  meant to be hurting,
in fact to ensure some sense of sanity
Realism in the world we are living in.....
breaking dreams into some degree of reality.
both bearable and manageable
as we get on with friendship.

I can assure you
that I had never play ransom on lives.....

.................................... dienn.

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