Thursday, March 20, 2014

to turn back.

It goes by many names
in timeliness of lives.
call it archives, call it historical facts, call it past happenings.

Still the toughest point to ponder
is always about making sense of the whole thing.

I cant paint a picture better than nature,
my blue is always skewed towards purple
my reasoning can sometime borders absurdity
and for that I put myself less than perfect.

on an factual plateau,
I could never harm you even a little,
even if I could be misconstrued as being BAD.
so don't worry,

you recovered fast admittedly
you have settled down
probably better than what could have been
you will continue through the process
with many responsibilities in your bare hands,

to this far, things are alright
therefore syukur, alhamdulillah, thank God, Amin.

and of course now you can cook better
...... :)  beyond ayam kicap
and beyond kowteau upgrade
and make food licking good

and set  your dream right.
and see the dream through

and be happy....

It's not easy too on my part at the beginning
the worst is the lingering guilt feeling
for allowing another to go through desolate phase
while I was then coping through an unprecedented journey
and it took a number of years to sooth guilt feeling
and making the new journey workable..........

Yes, of course we keep looking back
to understand and give meanings to happenings.

and lastly
you know anything about GST?

............ dienn.

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