Monday, March 24, 2014

Rationality, just in case.

how does she feel,
if he lashes out
if he turns out really mean
playing out full force
letting every shred of secrets
of thousand years long keeping.

would there be hatred?
that calls for perpetual revenge,
and he wouldn't think of the possibility
not even a tiny bit
not even when rationality goes down the drain.

he will remain like yesteryears
that he never play ransom
that he is never hostile
he wont kill anyone
he tries not to hurt people.
he had swallowed bitterness
as he walks down the lane.

and he is fully aware
that he had been keeping the window open
a channel dedicated to a special friend
for a walk through
as life captures colour of rainbow 
through rain, thunder and sunshine.

and he never close the little window,
a channel.

............. dienn/

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