Monday, May 26, 2014

Once, Twice

I wonder how she had managed
all the way,  a few years ago
with a child she was carrying
and a husband recuperating
from deadly red-green misunderstanding,
once, on a fine Saturday morning

I can read the tiredness 
in the way she moved
but she managed to hide all
and nothing came out through her eyes
and she let her sweet smile walk by

and now is my turn
I just wonder what she feel
as I do my best to lighten her pain
and assuring her
that Lienn and Rienn are alright.

and I can also read
that she understands Lienn and Rienn
will always be in safe hands
but her utmost concern is always about me
how am I coping with work and life.

and yesterday she struggled to hold back the tears.
It must be the sadness being away from the rest,
or happiness that she be will out, Monday morning.

................. dienn.


  1. Dalam suka dan duka, ikatan sebuah keluarga.

    1. Tk... hidup sentiasa diduga.