Sunday, May 04, 2014

Crying child.

Crying is a signal provided by nature that is meant to disturb the parents so that the child's needs will be met. Ignoring a child's cries is like ignoring the warning signal of a smoke detector because we find it disturbing. 

This signal is meant to disturb us so that we can attend to an important matter. Only a deaf person would ignore a smoke detector, yet many parents turn a deaf ear to a child's cries. Crying, like the loud detector sound, is meant to capture our attention so that we can attend to the important needs of the child. It just makes no sense to think that nature would have provided all children with a routinely used signal that serves no good purpose.

Ten Reasons to Respond to a Crying Child - The Natural ...


  1. The way parents react to crying will shape children's character.

    1. and to their smile, laughters and tantrums.