Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Mini....

I finally relent
and purchase the company car
at market price.

There is no magic in owning a car
since it just rolls to where you swerve
straight left or right.

what's more the painful accident
frightened me down the hole
about a car to call my own.

It's Lienn that click the urge
as she keep commenting about the cars
around the house.

She keep checking
and always with certain remark
"kete ayah comot"
"kete ayah cantik"
"kete ayah calar"

Since all are company cars
I cant go along with her innuendos
and behave sincere and true.

So I pay the Mini.....
and ride along with the two and ummi
whenever we are all free.

and being chatty as she is
Lienn always had something to say
"Ayah kete ni kecik"
in a language she knows best.

......................... dienn


  1. Children always speak the truth because they had not learnt the trick of hiding.

    1. children - a white canvas, clean and pure.