Friday, August 22, 2014


ummi has never been active in sports
in fact fairly thin and tall
she has been very homely
within the periphery of family and all

within that fragile look
she is well organised
nothing miss her glance
she is so good into details

Business sets different pace
peaking at certain economic seasons
It was alright at the beginning
but with lienn and rienn at hand
ummi suffers a little bit.


I am beginning to see ummi with deeper smiles
with schedule less taxing, with time more at home
and the two girls are happy with comfort of ummi
I can see how they grow and develop quicker.

I am happy if she is happy....


  1. Take a good care of her... And I know you always will :')

    1. Always trying my best..... my work commitment may limit the amount of spare time.... i hope with the girls always around her, she will be happier. I am not the "rayau2" type, always rushing home.. :), .... cuma I cant miss golf.. tu pun half a day je over weekends....

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    1. chance, choice, fate .... identical to expecting and accepting. Aktif dgn golf jadi bahan jenaka keluarga...., sebab muka dgn tangan sedikit gelap, yg lain kekal cerah.