Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Toy of younger days

we remember toys
that we had in younger days
which come in many shapes and sizes

i remember the day of joy
when you show me one.
that newly bought toy
in such beautiful happy tone

as anyone else in such occasion 
you are quite possesive
of your new possession
but i was glad and love to tease
that you at least wish to show and declare

The colour is natural and nice
not too expensive I guess
It was such a beauty
as you hold, show and caress 

and that toy can move
and produces sound
I know the toy moves slow
and the sound is soft and sweet

i love to see you so happy
as anyone else with any new toy
and i know you love the toy
as you hold gently and kiss lovingly

I told you 
to keep your new toy well
so you know where to find and play
so no one can grab and steal

you love the toy
of younger days.....

.......................... dienn


  1. wonder if I still keep any... Whats your?

    1. hmmm... one or two albums. but can old stamps be considered toys?..