Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Rare Birthday

I was among 1000 crowd
celebrating birthday
of our special leader

The ballroom of  Berjaya Times Square
full of personalities
combination of public and private sectors

It's a night to remember
Sunday, the last weekend
for the loving couple, Tun and wife
our two all time great doctors.

and I remember the singer
singing Whitney Houston's I will always love you
a sweet soulful number.

There were Vincent, Robin and Danny
the icons of Tan family, as the host
There were Wahid Omar, Nor Mohamed Yacob, and Rafidah
the trio of past and present financial leaders
There were ambasadors and national leaders
and there were lots of economic players and NGOs

There were smaller guys like me and my friends
within the big circle of economic players
appreciating the big connectivity of varying sectors
that finally supports stability of Malaysian economy

happy birthday Tun.

............................... dienn.


  1. Dr Mahathir is such a great leader. Happy birthday. 88?