Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rohingya, a long journey.

World had seen it thousand times
when majority squeezed minority
when the stronger push the weaker

The red Indians were pushed to barren lands
The moros were deprived of freedom
The rohingyas will face the same fate

It's the way the earth evolves,
always at the same pace and precision
never a second missed

And down the road,
there will be deaths and sorrow
when human life rendered worthless

It's always about political battle
It's always about championing an issue
It's always about economic maneuver too.

My dear anja
Forget not about the afghans
Forget not about the Iraqis
and soon the Iranians will follow suit

The whole heartless game is about power
either political or economical
but would you believe it
politic is the slave of economy!

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