Monday, November 19, 2012

Didn't I tell you about QUALITY

We started early, too early
when competitors are still on the basics
of pure supply and demand
to handle challenges of market forces.

Over in Likas, as we mould our strategies
pushing parameters in all possibilities
as we venture to foreign field
as the need comes to put up our identity.

It's about laying out proper platform
for actions meeting objectives
for treating clients, customers and stakeholders
with utmost respect, confidentiality and fairness

It's about strategizing the roadmap
with clear target to achieve,
understanding feedback in its mechanics,

It's about supplier not to be let roaming free
for they too had too be accountable
what they had to deliver what had been agreed
and therefore they too, subject to scrutiny

Didn't I tell you about the review
that we love to get into
as we analyze every little maneuver
as we put everybody accountable

and we always believe on the whole journey
as a way to strengthen the quality
audited and endorsed!!

for anja
__________ dienn

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