Monday, November 26, 2012

Eating too much of Quality salt.

There is nothing wrong with quality certification.  The whole thing is not designed to kill, but to put weight and trust. The first time we embarked on ISO certification was years ago, the days of Likas. It was more of a necessity than anything else as we set foot on joint venture with british company. They are looking for measurable standard, there we go on the journey of quality. It was less than a year!

But we had seen friends becoming slaves of quality master, pulling themselves deeper into the depth of procedures, whereas we had been quite clear earlier on, this quality bible is for us to handle the way we see best. We set on the core issue, about going for certain achievable targets, using quality as the platform.

While our friends are drown into the deepest depth, we are sailing alright, sieving the unnecessary  aside, maintaining the central issue, the company existence, what we believe in to stay!

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