Tuesday, January 21, 2014

lienn wearing telekung

Knowing a child has the capacity to learn
at a rate far more than adults
we start off early with Lienn
on what she should know and learn

and its nice to see Lienn able to recite
a short surah, a few sirah, a few stories.

and now she has to join maghrib
with me and ummi.

and she looks so sweet in telekung.

.... dienn.


  1. How sweet and soon little sister will follow. Very nice. Happy family :)

  2. cuma x sempat2 bagi salam, nak lucut telekung dah... panas katanya.

  3. Haha... Thats funny! Slowly Lienn belajar jangan pressure :D

  4. bila kena marah dgn ummi.... dia cari ayah minta simpati.... haha.