Monday, January 20, 2014

Connecting the dots.

a river and its tributaries network
When I said business like a river
flowing down to the sea
joined by its tributaries
I really mean it.

It was years ago since we started off
venturing into pharmacy outlets
Now we begin to lay down the connectivity
with a friend, a researcher on herbal medicine
with another friend who really has green fingers
then river and its connectivity begin to take shape

As we move on seriously on pharmaceutical industry,
I just wonder how precious life is to some
willing to put aside a big sum to stay healthy
and as herbal medicine begins to pick popularity
much bigger than its early days
we rolled out capital and reaped in profits

Then memories keep coming back
what arwah opah used to talk about ulam
except we convert ulam to capsules

and that is connectivity my dear za.

..... dienn.