Friday, April 17, 2015

When time shrinked

There were moments when time slowed
like a snail on concrete footpath
as dewdrop   clinged at the tip
of a bright coloured lily leaf
and it took ages for the bulging dewdrop
to stay balanced, waiting for the right moment
to drop onto the ground.....
and it never happen....

As time inched to the morning
smiling at the rising sun
the dewdrop stayed and rejoiced
over the new awakening of brightness
and the dewdrop stayed, mesmerized all the way

and the dewdrop in its happiest mood
slowly vanished to thin air
as the sun rose higher over trees
and the ground said, its alright
there shall be another day
as time shrinked to its essence of sanity...

talking to her over dewdrop 


  1. Who is she?

    I don't know why...but why do I feel like crying when the ground said "it's alright"... hmm

  2. She, a person I know for years.... a wonderful person.

    Yes.., wonderful nature with every purposeful element, supporting one another... existing in harmony..... we may want to cry, happy and feeling sad at the same time.