Thursday, April 24, 2014

neat mess

I know a person
who loves to tie up the mess
into something neater
her way

definitely not with a pencil. 

and I remembered about SSM she asked once........

The other day we were discussing about that accumulated fund
formally known as h  r  d  f
and the new HR guy proposed the idea of outsourcing.
Not that I disagree
but I always believe
that the best part of training
is walking through
the real journey
as we set out targets
of developmental growth
as we execute the plans
as we manoeuvre through
unexpected business fall
as we press for cqi
to understand, take stock and improve
as we agree on bonuses
to appreciate the effort of loyal team
call it immersion
call it experiential
call it whatever.

I love my people so much
that I would not allow aliens
to touch their souls
to "neat mess" our team.

Then I wonder
if it's wrong
to be too possessive.


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